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How financial literacy can grow your business

Understanding how money works – and how to make it work more effectively – can transform your bottom line. Seeing how money flows and changes value over time gives insights that support decision-making for your business. As accountants and bookkeepers, we helped Grand Floors see money strategically, the way they see flooring; working and flowing..

6 Cash Management Tips To Increase Profits

Working on cash flow management to move a business from operating in the red to operating in the black can be an uphill battle for many companies. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a battle at all. There is a solution to simple cash flow management to increase profits and avoid cash..

Why Your Charity Should Use An Outside Bookkeeper

Why Charities Should Use An Outside Bookkeeper This guest blog was written by James Thomson, CEO and President of New Path Foundation  Charities do great things for people and communities and are an important part of our society. New Path Foundation is one such charity doing great work by providing assistance to organizations through a shared space model as..

Don’t Rush Your Brand Makeover

Brand Development and Why You Should Not Rush This is a guest post by: Heather Mercer-Turner, Mercer Street Brand Development Consulting Starting a new business is certainly an exciting time for any entrepreneur that is jostling at the gate to get going! There are many things that need to be done in order to start..

6 Things to Consider for Small Business Borrowing

Small Business Borrowing and Things You Should Consider Should I expand? Can I afford more rent at a new location? Can my business support more staff? As small business owners, we have asked ourselves the same questions and also helped many companies work through the decision-making process to determine the right time to borrow and..