Why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for business owners

The following blog was adapted from Heather Mason’s video “Why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for business owners”.

Without our health, our productivity in business and in life is limited. I was faced with this reality in 2019. When my physical health limited my work productivity, I was forced to take a step back from my workload and focus on my health. Because of this, I had feelings of guilt and fear. I felt like I was letting my clients and the team down.  But in the end, it forced me to open up and share my feelings, which led me to learn that not only am I  not alone but that many others shared similar fears and struggles.

This is why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for business owners.

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Why Running Our Own Small Business Allows Us to Help You Better

The following blog was adapted from the video “Why Running Our Own Small Business Allows Us to Help You Better”

Let’s start with a moment of truth. 

Heather Mason never envisioned running her own small business. It was the need for a job that started her down the path to open an accounting firm.

Kim Miller always envisioned being an entrepreneur and had been for 6 years before she and Heather aligned and merged. 

The partnership of these two fantastic women and the growth of Mason Miller has had its ups and downs, but in the end, they have built a strong and successful small business.

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Face Your Financials

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to See Your Accountant

The following blog was adapted from the video “Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to See Your Accountant”


We all procrastinate those tasks that we hate. We usually hate the task because we lack the comprehension or the skill set required to feel good about completing the task. Procrastinating almost never makes the task go away, instead, it usually makes the task more difficult as deadlines and goals are missed and stress levels are heightened.

That’s why we want to talk today about why you shouldn’t procrastinate about coming in to see us for your accounting, bookkeeping or consulting needs, because we get it, talking about the nitty-gritty of your business’s financials IS sometimes scary. But in the end, having a better understanding of your bottom line will lead you down the right path to success.

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6 Technologies Transforming Small Business Accounting 

Technology can streamline your data entry, expense tracking, payroll and even assist you in creating bids for jobs, so you can focus on what you do well.

There are a lot of options and apps; two of the most well-known are QuickBooks Online and Receipt Bank. Working together, they allow you and your staff to upload receipts, track expenses and make HST and other tax payments.

At Mason Miller, we can help you create a technology plan that is customized and enables you to easily monitor staffing and supply costs or accurately and quickly project costs for a job bid, as well as how to ensure your books are correct by reconciling your data.

Let’s take a few quick looks at some of the major apps available.

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How financial literacy can grow your business

Understanding how money works – and how to make it work more effectively – can transform your bottom line. Seeing how money flows and changes value over time gives insights that support decision-making for your business.

As accountants and bookkeepers, we helped Grand Floors see money strategically, the way they see flooring; working and flowing from room to room to create something more valuable than just the total of the pieces. Read more

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Why Successful People Hire Successful People – Using An Outside Bookkeeper

A Q & A between Heather Mason, partner Mason Miller, and Concept of Movement co-owner, Kylee Swales, on what makes a successful entrepreneur and why she believes hiring an outside bookkeeper for their business was the smart choice.   Read more

8 Steps to Getting Starting with Digital Marketing

This guest post was written by Marc Hill, Founder and President of Digital Giants.

How many times has “learn how to market online” gone up and down your list of priorities this year? Are you still dreaming of that day where you have enough time to get it all done? Read more

6 Cash Management Tips To Increase Profits

Working on cash flow management to move a business from operating in the red to operating in the black can be an uphill battle for many companies. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a battle at all. There is a solution to simple cash flow management to increase profits and avoid cash shortfalls. Here are 6 tips to help you manage your cash flow. Read more

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Why Your Charity Should Use An Outside Bookkeeper

Why Charities Should Use An Outside Bookkeeper

This guest blog was written by James Thomson, CEO and President of New Path Foundation 

Charities do great things for people and communities and are an important part of our society. New Path Foundation is one such charity doing great work by providing assistance to organizations through a shared space model as well as supporting its service partner, New Path Youth and Family Services, to provide a wide range of mental health services to children, youth, and their families in Simcoe County. Read more

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Getting Back On Track: Old Ways vs New Approaches

Getting Back On Track: Old Ways vs New Approaches

Q&A with Heather Mason and Kim Miller on how they help clients significantly improve their businesses.

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