Graphic Design – How To Find a Graphic Designer or Design Firm

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Graphic Design – How To Find a Graphic Designer or Design Firm


How To Find a Graphic Designer or Design Firm


What is graphic design and why would you need to hire a designer or design firm?


Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using typography, photography and illustration. If you are already running a business, you have likely worked with a designer. You may be in need of a re-brand. If you already have a standing relationship with a designer or a firm, good for you! If not, keep reading.

If you are at the beginning stages of starting your business and need a logo design, follow these tips to help you find the right fit. Much like finding your accountant, it takes research.


Try to find a graphic designer or firm that is a good fit for you, not just visually but also from a personality aspect. The more you can connect with a designer, the better the whole process will be and the more likely you will have a designer prepared to bend over backwards for you.

That level of commitment in a designer just can’t be bought. It is a partnership and ongoing relationship that your business will continue to benefit from. Your designer will become a valuable business partner as you grow.


A designer who is prepared to meet with you or talk on the phone and is relatively transparent about their process is a positive sign, but not all designers will spend hours on the phone with their client. This is where you have to do what feels right for you. You may be okay with not needing to meet in person or talk on the phone to discuss progress, or you may be someone that needs one on one interaction. Find a graphic designer or firm that gets that.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all it is your investment.


This is obvious. You need to identify with their work. Look at their website. Look at their Instagram and other social media tools… how do you feel about their work? Does it all look the same? Are their design projects unique? They may have a natural style that fits in with the personality of your business. If so, then this is great.


One of the many perks of business in Barrie, is everyone is connected in some way. If you recognize a business in a portfolio, reach out to them. Ask how their experience went when hiring the firm or graphic designer.


Graphic design and branding is much more than just a logo which is why hiring the right company is extremely important. Effective graphic design is deeper than your visual identity. It’s creating a timeless, effective and cohesive overall visual brand. Finding the right designer or design firm is incredibly important in how your brand will communicate and your company’s overall success in the future.

Emily Boriss


Author Bio:

Emily is the owner of EMILY CREATIVE + CO, a graphic design and branding studio in Barrie, Ontario. Learn more Follow on Instagram


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