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Grow Your Leads with Google My Business


A Proven Strategy From Digital Giants 

As a small business ourselves we know that finding leads can be difficult. But what if we told you that we increased our client’s local search appearance by over 100% and increase the average number of phone calls each month. 

Now, what if I told you we did this in less than 15 minutes a week? 

Why Google My Business?

As a small business, you should have a Google My Business profile (if not here is why). But are you using your profile the way it was intended? 

Most businesses set their profiles up and rarely check them. Only 60% of Google My Business profiles are active. This means many of you are missing out. 

What Local SEO Are You Missing Out On?

Our research proves Google wants you to have an active profile. You need to treat your GMB like any other social media channel by posting regularly. 

In a test we did for a client, we posted once a week for eight weeks, leading to some surprising results…

Surprising Results

Before we started, we set a baseline based on the client’s past performance for their location profiles over the previous year. Our eight-week test revealed the following surprising results: 

  • Appeared in 119% more searches on Google
  • Increased search views on Google and Google Maps by 112%
  • Increased user actions by 29% (website visits, direction requests, phone calls, messages
  • Increased the average number of phone calls by 29 per month 

Imagine how many new customers you could get for your business?

What Can Your GMB Bring Your Business 

The users we were able to reach were conducting their searches with intent. They were looking for our client’s locations and/or products.  By increasing appearance and views for our clients, we were helping their customers find them faster and increasing the number of actions they took, either going to their website or calling a salesperson in-store. And all of this happened because we spent less than 15 minutes a week uploading our posts. 

Get Started

Digital Giants has an optimization guide to help you get started.

Google My Business, GMB, Guide, Digital Giants


Use our handy Google My Business optimization guide.

If you are interested in improving your local search performance you can reach out to us at Digital Giants. We are currently providing free website audits to help small businesses become online Giants.